The heating season in Koryukivka will end on March 31

Today, March 28, the executive committee of the Koryukivka City Council considered and made a decision to end the heating season in the Koryukivka community. The heating season will end on March 31. 

After all, according to forecasters, the average daily temperature for 3 days will be higher than +8°C, which is the reason for the end of the heating season.
However, the Koryukivka hospital and certain public institutions that receive heat supply services from Municipal Enterprise "Koryukivkavodokanal" will continue to be heated to ensure the comfort of patients and students.
The 2023/2024 heating season has passed.
Thank you to the employees Municipal Enterprise "Koryukivkavodokanal", all energy workers. We thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
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