The Koryukivka community received training on the preparation of energy plans from Ukrainian and international experts

The team of the analytical center DiXi Group conducted the first training session for ten Ukrainian communities, including the Koryukivka community, as part of the project to support the development of Municipal Energy Plans.

This is an important stage on our community's path to increasing its own energy efficiency, developing green recovery, and strengthening organizational and management capabilities in implementing and managing energy efficiency initiatives.  

At the session, the participants, together with the speakers, considered and processed in detail the most pressing issues and challenges facing the communities, namely:

  • energy efficiency and "green" recovery; 
  • European Green Course; 
  • possibilities of financing energy-efficient measures;
  • European experience in implementing energy plans; 
  • basic principles of developing municipal energy plans; 
  • use of renewable energy in restoration projects.

Koryukivka Territorial Community strives to adopt the best Ukrainian and European energy efficiency experience. In particular, we are helped by the team of the DiXi Group analytical center, which leads the project on the development of the Municipal Energy Plan (MEP) for the community.

The project is implemented by the public organization DiXi Group with the support of the Dutch government (MATRA program) and the European Climate Fund (ECF).  


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