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The city of Koryukivka, the administrative center of the Koryukivka rayon in the Chernihiv oblast, is located at 100 km from the oblast center – city of Chernihiv – in the northern part of the oblast. The population of Koryukivka is about 13.5 thousands people.

The city is situated on the bank of the Brech river (tributary of the Snov river). The local climate is moderate with enough moisture. The average annual precipitation constitutes 614 mm including 439 mm in the warm season. The average annual temperature is 6,1С. The absolute registered maximum temperature is 37С, with– 35С as the absolute minimum.


Koryukivka was founded 360 years ago. In 1657, under the Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, Ukrainian Hetman [commander of the Cossack army] rule, the settlers from the Right Bank Ukraine led by Cossack Omelyan Karuka tried to find a land free from the serfdom regime. They found a place, which was well protected by forests a founded a small settlement called Koryukivka. The city suffered heavy casualties during the Second World War. Koryukivka was physically totally destroyed and all of its residents were killed. The city experienced the most devastating tragedy which ever happened in Ukrainian settlements during the war.


Starting with 1966, Koryukivka has been the center of the Koryukivka rayon of the Chernihiv oblast. Koryukivka is located at the crossroads of national and oblast highways, which are the transit route for autobus communication between the administrative center of the oblast and the neighbouring rayon centers, such as: Snovsk, Mena, Semenivka, and various settlements in the Koryukivka rayon.

The city planning structure has a complicated multi-radial arrangement. The territory is not evenly developed with the densest development in the central part of the city. Besides one- and multi-storeyed buildings, this part of the city has all city and rayon offices, as well as administrative, cultural, educational and health care establishments. There are many public infrastructure facilities in the city downtown, such as pre-school, educational and trade establishments.


The General City Lay-Out Plan for Koryukivka was developed in 1993 by the Kyiv DiproMisto Institute. According to the plan, the city boundaries had to be changed (in particular, the village of Myleiky was supposed to e included within the city limits).


Koryukivka has rich industrial traditions. In the middle of the ХІХ century, Karl Rauch founded a winery and a sugar factory here. In 1871, the Koryukivka Sugar Factory employed 600 persons. During one season, this enterprise produced the amount sugar worth of more than 5.5 million roubles. In 1901, a local entrepreneur L.I.Brodskyi further expanded the facilities of the sugar factory, which by that time employed about 1,000 workers. In 1882, the sugar manufactured locally was awarded with the gold medal at the all-Russia exhibition in Moscow. In 18 years the local sugar producers brought the highest award from the world-wide exhibition in Paris.

The modern Koryukivka is one of the promising cities in the Chernihiv oblast. It has a number of enterprises, the biggest of which are: the “Koryukivka Technical Paper Factory” Joint-Stock Company (OJSC) (built in the site of the former sugar factory, which was ruined during the Second World War), “Koryukivka Forestry Company” State-Run Enterprise, Manufacturing Agricultural Cooperative named after Gorkyi, etc.

The economy of Koryukivka as a whole is export-oriented and plays an important role in the economy of the Chernihiv region. Only 9% of goods and services produced in the city are sold in the Chernihiv region. 63% is exported to CIS countries, 17% is sold to other countries bordering Ukraine, 10% is sold to other countries of the world (America, Africa, Asia), and 1% to European countries.

Small businesses have been successfully developing in the city. There are more then 70 small enterprises operating in the city and more then 630 individuals are engaged in entrepreneurial activities. There are 100 trade businesses in the city including 26 consumer cooperatives.

The city of Koryukivka is attractive for investments due to its rich forest resources, quartz sand, clay and peat.


The city has:

  • three lyceums with about 2,000 students;
  • Arts School;
  • Sports School;
  • two kindergartens for 400 children;
  • Central Rayon Hospital for 220 beds;
  • drug stores;
  • two houses of culture with the 800 visitor capacity;
  • two libraries;
  • historical museum;
  • and the Avanhard [vanguard] Stadium.

The Mayak [beacon] newspaper is published in the city.

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Photo by Koryukivka City Council, Program DOBRE.

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