How to submit an application

Dear residents of the community!

Welcome to the advisory web page dedicated to citizens' appeals to the Koryukiv City Council.

Дана веб-сторінка створена на виконання вимог Закону України «Про звернення громадян», Указу Президента України від 7 лютого 2008 року № 109 «Про першочергові заходи щодо забезпечення реалізації та гарантування конституційного права на звернення до органів державної влади та органів місцевого самоврядування».

Here you can find the necessary information about the requirements of the legislation regarding the correct processing of appeals and the organization of work with citizens' appeals in the city council, the procedure for conducting personal receptions of citizens by city council officials, analytical information about the results of work with citizens' appeals.

For the purpose of prompt consideration of your appeals, in particular, issues that fall under the competence of local authorities, the web page includes schedules for the personal reception of citizens by the leadership of the city council. In the event that you wish to receive an official answer, information or raise a personal issue that needs consideration, your appeal must be made in accordance with the procedure defined by Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On Appeals of Citizens".

You can:

  • leave a written request at the reception desk of the city council (Koryukivka, Bulvarna St., 6, 2nd floor)
  • мsend the letter by mail to: Bulvarna St., 6, Koryukivka, 15300
  • to apply to the leadership of the city council for a personal reception, in accordance with  графіка ⇑ 
  • send a letter to the email address:
  • call the number: (04657) 2 14 76 (waiting room)
  • send a letter by fax: 2 14 76

An appeal can be submitted by an individual (individual) or a group of individuals (collective).

A special form of collective appeal of citizens to the Koryukiv City Council is електронна петиція ⇑ (a unified system of local petitions), which is submitted and considered in the manner prescribed by the article  23-1 Закону України «Про звернення громадян» ⇑.

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