Farmers: The state agrarian register has added the function of joining the cabinet of agricultural holdings of lands of Ukrainian citizens

The State Agrarian Register has added the function of joining the cabinet of the agricultural economy of the lands of Ukrainian citizens who are members of the agricultural economy.

The new functionality will allow farms to receive through DAR

assistance for all lands within the farming enterprise, in particular, those belonging to citizens - members of the farm on the right of ownership and use.

A new Farming section has been added to the State Agrarian Register agrarian's office, where a representative of the farming enterprise of a legal entity or Natural Person Entrepreneur- the founder of a family farm can send an application for joining the farming enterprise office of land plots from citizens of Ukraine, members or founders of a farm.

The joining of areas takes place according to the following algorithm:

  • A representative of the farming enterprise as a legal entity or a Natural Person Entrepreneur - the founder of the Rural Farming Enterprise directs through the State Agrarian Register a request for the annexation of the relevant land plots to natural persons, indicating the Individual Tax Number of the citizen whose plots he wants to add to the Farming Enterprise cabinet, as well as adding documents confirming the right to use these plots - the Charter or Agreement on the establishment of a farm.
  • The second step is to confirm the request in the office of the State Agrarian Register on the part of an individual who has the right of ownership or use of the requested land plot. A mandatory condition is the presence in the State Agrarian Register of documents attached to the plot confirming the property right.
  • The last step is the approval of the application on the part of the representative of the Farming Enterprise as a legal entity or a Natural Person of the Entrepreneur - the founder of the Rural Farming Enterprise. After that, plots of Ukrainian citizens become part of the land bank of the Farmers' Farm / Rural Farms in the State Agrarian Register. They are taken into account when calculating the total area of land in use, and can also participate in support programs.

"For the category of Farming, such a function was almost the most expected and demanded. With this in mind, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, thanks to the support of the World Bank and the EU, was able to build and implement this unique tool in the State Agrarian Register," noted Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine for Digital Development, Digital Transformations and Digitalization Denys Bashlyk.

If necessary, the application for joining land plots to the Cabinet of the Farm/Rural Farm can be edited, and can also be canceled with the consent of both parties. However, from the moment of submission of the application for support until the moment of completion of its consideration, it is impossible to change the status of such plots. In addition, one site can be submitted for support within one program only once.


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