The bridge over the river Brech has already been restored

In Koryukivka, units of the State Special Transport Service restored and put into operation the damaged bridge on Nova Street.

The head of the Administration of the State Special Transport Service, Major General Bohdan Bondar, together with the first deputy head of the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration Kostyantyn Mehem and the mayor of the city of Koryukivka, Ratan Akhmedov, thanked all the personnel for their conscientious and fruitful work and awarded the best servicemen with departmental awards.

Thank you State special transport service and the Mena ShRBU No. 82 for their work, the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration and the deputies of the Koryukiv City Council for their cooperation, and the taxpayers for the opportunity.  

We would also like to inform you that in the coming days, a subcontractor will be strengthening the roadsides and exits. A request to traffic participants to be careful and not exceed the speed limit.

The indomitable will restore Ukraine!


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