A new youth space for the youth of Koryukivka

In the Koryukiv park behind the bus station on the "youth island" work on the arrangement of a new youth space is ongoing. "Cage" was built back in Soviet times, but over time the place became

quite neglected. In the same year, our young people are trying in every possible way to create a place for cozy and active recreation out of the "cage".

For more than two weeks, construction workers put a roof over the dance floor stage, cleaned the drains and mowed the grass.

A local entrepreneur agreed to set up something like a cafe on the "island", take care of children's entertainment areas. 

Young people do not stand aside either. Together, they were able to paint the fence around the "island", wooden furniture, gazebos and even started painting the stage.

Thank you to everyone who makes our city better!

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