About the renaming of streets in the Koryukivka community

Changing street names does not affect the right to own or use property, register a place of residence, and does not lead to additional costs related to entering information or changes to documents/registers.

Lawyer's comment:

From a legal point of view, the renaming of the street does not affect the rights of citizens in any way. Therefore, if the name of the street has changed, the owner of the house or apartment is not obliged to make changes to the documents in this regard.
And only in cases where he wants to sell, buy or exchange housing, the notary will need to provide a copy of the city council's decision on renaming the street or alley. The notary will enter a new name for the new owner of the property in the register of property rights.
For individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, a change in the name of the street entails a change in the location of the business entity. The FOP has the right to apply to the state registrar with an application for a change of residence — such an action is carried out free of charge.
Legal entities can make the corresponding change in several cases: when making changes to the constituent documents; when making changes or adding new types of economic activity; when the manager or owner (beneficiary) changes, etc.

Citizens should know that the legislation does not set a deadline for such changes. That is, whether to do it or not, each person decides independently. This also applies to the declaration (registration) of the place of residence.
If the residents of the community want to change the information about the registration of the place of residence in connection with the change of the name of the street or lane, then they have the right to contact the Center for the provision of administrative services of the Koryukiv City Council and make the corresponding changes without paying an administrative fee.

Decision сесії Корюківської міської ради про перейменування

New names of streets in the Koryukiv community:


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