Public Emergency Preparedness Survey: A Step Towards Safety and Enhanced Preparedness

The Commission on Civil Affairs of the Headquarters of Volunteers of the Chernihiv Region decided to conduct a survey. It is aimed at determining the level of preparedness of the local population for emergency situations.

The survey is conducted with the aim of collecting objective information about the degree of preparedness of the population for emergency situations, as well as determining the need for training in civil protection issues. Survey participants will be able to express their opinions on the topics they consider most relevant and important for learning.

The commission invites all residents of the Chernihiv region to take part in this important survey. Everyone's opinion is extremely important, because together we can make our place safer and more prepared for different situations.

Based on the results of the survey, a training program on civil protection will be developed, aimed at meeting the needs and demands of the population. The commission does everything possible to ensure the maximum level of safety and preparation of the residents of the region for various situations.

To participate in the survey, please follow the link 

According to the information of the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration


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