WARNING! Fraudsters create fake ads for the sale of firewood on social networks

The police urge citizens not to send prepayments for non-existent goods.
With the onset of autumn, fraudsters who post fake ads for the sale of firewood in local Facebook groups have become more active.

Such ads, as a rule, accompany photos of trucks with firewood that offer to buy at a favorable price and immediately deliver to the buyer's yard.

The police urge citizens not to transfer money as a prepayment for firewood until you are sure of the availability of the goods.

Yesterday, the police received a statement from a resident of the Krutyansk OTG of the Nizhyn district, who reported that on August 27, her parents saw an advertisement for the sale of firewood in the local community on Facebook. After contacting the seller, they sent him an advance payment for firewood - more than 6,000 hryvnias. However, they never received the goods, and the "seller" stopped contacting them.
On the same day, a resident of the Bobrovytska community contacted the police, who also found a similar ad in a group on Facebook and also transferred a prepayment for firewood in the amount of 5,500 hryvnias. After that, communication with the "seller" was lost. Realizing that she was deceived, the victim turned to the police for help.
Currently, the police are looking for those involved in fraud as part of open criminal proceedings.
The police of the Chernihiv region urges citizens: in order not to fall on the hook of fraudsters, pay for the product only when you receive it and inspect it in person. Excessively attractive content of ads should cause special distrust.
Taking advantage of the seasonal demand for firewood, fraudsters post fake messages in local groups on social networks "Overheard in our community", "Buy-Sell", "Bulletin board", etc. Criminals can pretend to be "employees of the forest farm" or residents of a neighboring village in order to gain the trust of citizens and convince them to send money as a prepayment for firewood.

Police strongly recommend residents of Chernihiv region to be careful when shopping on social networks and on free classifieds sites.
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