The European Investment Bank will finance two projects of the Koryukivka community

The Ministry of Infrastructure approved 40 restoration projects from the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration. 

According to the distribution of the subvention, 110 million hryvnias have been allocated to the regional budget of the Chernihiv region as of today.

These funds will be used to implement 40 projects that have previously been selected by the relevant ministry. In particular, 2 projects from our community were selected. 

Funding will be directed to the final works on the construction of city sewage treatment facilities, as well as to the start of works on the energy modernization of the hospital building.

More details: 

  • Reconstruction of the building of the main health care facility of the KNP "Koryukiv Central District Hospital" of the Koryukiv City Council.

Sequence of construction: Phase I – insulation of the walls of the main building; Phase II – insulation of the walls of the children's ward, polyclinic and transition rooms; The third stage is the replacement of the coating.

The amount of financing of this project is 9,499,087 thousand hryvnias. 

  • Construction of urban wastewater treatment facilities for biological treatment of domestic wastewater in the city of Koryukivka, Chernihiv region, with a total capacity of 500 cubic meters. day. 

The amount of financing of this project is 6,239,055 thousand hryvnias. 

For the notification of the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration 



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