We remind you: the vote on the advisability of renaming Peredzavodska Street to Anatoliy Bondarya Street is underway

In order to perpetuate the memory of the Honorary Citizen of the Bondar district, Anatoliy Oleksandrovych, the executive committee of the city council by its decision initiates the renaming of the toponymy object in the city of Koryukivka, namely

is offered rename Peredzavodska street to Anatoly Bondar street.

Bondar Anatoly Oleksandrovich – Honorary Citizen of Koryukiv District, Full Knight of the Order of Merit, Chairman of the Supervisory Board – President of Slavic Wallpaper-KFTP JSC.
He was born in Koryukivka, where he lived all his life, making a significant contribution to the development of the city and the district. Thanks to the efforts of Anatoly Bondar together with a team of managers and specialists in Koryukivka, a modern European-level enterprise was created, and his team became one of the world leaders in wallpaper production.
In 2006, Anatoly Bondar created the Brech enterprise - one of the largest hotel-tourist and equestrian sports complexes in Ukraine.
Since 2016, a powerful woodworking plant - Slav Forest - has been operating in Koryukivka.
He was the biggest philanthropist and philanthropist of the Koryukiv region, in particular, during extremely difficult times for medicine, he supported himself by investing in the Koryukiv Central Hospital, which today is the most powerful medical institution in the region. His charitable foundation helped people to treat serious illnesses and supported veterans of the enterprise. Many infrastructure projects of the city have been implemented and are being implemented at the expense of his company.

All his life, work and investments were connected with Koryukivka. Therefore, the issue of renaming Peredzavodska Street to Anatolii Bondarya Street in the city of Koryukivka is brought up for public discussion. This street is symbolic, because his native factory is located on this street, as well as a number of buildings that this company once built for the city.

Offers are accepted until November 8, 2023 including:
- in electronic form (fill out the form at the link https://forms.gle/LVFz818FyFSnfzam6 )
- in writing (to the address of the city council: 15300, Koryukivka, Chernihiv Region, Bulvarna St., 6)
* The written proposal must contain the full name (or title), address, contact information and personal signature of the subject of the application (for legal entities, the signature of the manager or authorized person).

One person may submit one naming/renaming option for a toponymy object. If one person submits more options for naming/renaming a toponymic object, only the first option is taken into account.
We remind you that people who have reached the age of eighteen and whose place of residence is registered on the territory of the settlements of the Koryukiv City Council have the right to take part in the discussion.

The results of voting and proposals will be considered by the relevant commission.

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