Passport replacement: when an ID card is required

We remind you that an ID card is issued in the case of:

  • reaching the age of 14;
  • втрати/викрадення паспорта;
  • expiration of the passport;
  • information changes;
  • detection of errors in information;
  • unfitness of the passport for further use;

  • assignment of the Registration Number of the taxpayer's account card or notification of refusal to accept it;
  • instead of a 1994 model passport (if the owner has not pasted a photo in the passport within one month after reaching 25 or 45 years of age, taking into account the specifics of martial law in Ukraine);
  • instead of a 1994 model passport (optional).

We emphasize that the legislation of Ukraine does not determine the final date of validity of passports of citizens of Ukraine of the 1994 model. That is, if your passport book has no damage and contains up-to-date information, it is a valid document and you can exchange it for an ID card at your own request.

However, please note that the ID card is issued:

- valid for 4 years for persons aged 14 to 18;

- valid for 10 years for persons aged 18 and over.

To apply for an ID card, contact any branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, "Passport Service" or the Center for the Provision of Administrative Services, regardless of the place of registration. You can find additional information about the necessary documents, the cost of the service, the addresses and contacts of the units of the State Internal Revenue Service on our official website

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