Koryukivka schoolchildren help furry friends

Students of Koryukivka Lyceum No. 1 and No. 2, on the occasion of World Animal Protection Day, participated in the campaign to collect fodder for homeless animals.

Lyceum No. 1 hosted the "Feed the animals" campaign, during which students managed to collect 100 kilograms of food for cats and dogs.

Lyceum No. 2 took part in the 8th All-Ukrainian campaign "Happy Hav for Sirko", students collected feed and various drugs for treatment of animals.

Feed and drugs were handed over to KP "Veterinary Sterilization Center "Step to Animals" in Chernihiv.

We are proud of the young people of Koryukivka! We take care of our little friends!

(according to information from Susidy.City, Koryukivka Lyceum No. 2)

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