Stress resistance training for teenagers from the Koryukivka community

Teenagers from the Koryukivka community learned about easy exercises to train stress resistance.
The event was organized by the team of the public organization "City Initiatives Agency".

"At our trainings, boys and girls who suffered as a result of military operations receive psycho-emotional relief and learn to cope with stress. Group psychosocial support is extremely important for adolescents." — explained Tetyana Romanova, executive director of the "City Initiatives Agency".
In the future, the acquired knowledge on combating stress and psychological self-help should develop into the skills of a responsible attitude to one's own mental health.


The project "Protection: psycho-emotional and legal support of residents of the border areas of Chernihiv Oblast" is implemented by the public organization "City Initiatives Agency" as part of the project "Development of the potential of CSOs and initiative groups in regions of Ukraine with a high concentration of IDPs regarding the implementation of gender issues in humanitarian activities."GIHA network"in partnership with the Public Organization"Bureau of Gender Strategies and Budgeting” with the support of the Humanitarian Fund for Ukraine (UHF).

Photo: Agency of Urban Initiatives

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