Reminder to parents: what to do if a child goes missing during martial law?

The Koryukiv RVP of the GUNP in Chernihiv region informs parents how to act in the event of a child's disappearance during martial law:

  • put a note in the child's pocket with the name and surname, the contact number of the parents and the address, or study these simple and very important data with the little one. They can significantly facilitate searches;
  • teach the child to stop and wait for his parents if he gets lost. Let him loudly call for help;
  • show the people you can turn to for help - these are the police, security guards, shop assistants and passers-by with children. If the child knows the phone number of at least one of the parents by heart, it is good;
  • the child should know that he cannot go anywhere with strangers without being told and promised;
  • the most important rule is not to panic and quickly report to the police or the military, providing an up-to-date photo of the child;
  • if you are at the station, ask the person on duty to announce the disappearance over the loudspeaker;
  • never scare a child with the police - they develop fear. And if the child gets into trouble, he will be afraid to ask for help from the patrolmen;
  • when you find a child, do not scold him under any circumstances, because the child did not want to get lost.

If you saw a child unaccompanied by adults - two tips for those who care:

  • make sure that the baby is really alone. Perhaps one of those accompanying her has left. It is worth asking people around;
  • if the child is still lost, take him or her to the nearest police station or contact the authorities.

Dear parents and adults, as soon as it became clear to you that the child is alone or missing (the phone is turned off, the child is not in the usual place where he was supposed to be, did not come home or to the destination on time), immediately report this to the police: at the nearest branch, to the special line 102 or to the government telephone "hotline" of the National Police of Ukraine at the number 0-800-50-0202.

Works too Telegram bot to find missing children, who disappeared or with whom contact was lost during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Phone: (05151)-91-661, (063)-94-21-430 and 102.

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