Kruty is a symbol of the resilience of the Ukrainian people

On January 29, Ukraine remembers the feat accomplished by young Ukrainians 106 years ago. They repelled the enemy's attack on the capital and gave Kyiv precious time to sign the Brest Peace Treaty - which in turn made it possible for the Fourth Union to recognize the Ukrainian People's Republic as an independent country.
Продовжити читання “Крути – символ стійкості українського народу”

Prevention and countermeasures against domestic violence, human trafficking and gender discrimination: notes from the National Social Service of Ukraine

During 2023, the National Social Service of Ukraine has developed information on prevention and countermeasures against domestic violence, human trafficking, and gender discrimination.  Продовжити читання “Запобігання та протидія домашньому насильству, торгівля людьми та дискримінація за ознакою статі: пам’ятки від Національної соціальної сервісної служби України”

The Koryukivka community was included in the list of territories of possible hostilities

This is stated in order of the Ministry of Reintegration dated 12.20.2023 No. 363, which entered into force on January 25, 2024. Продовжити читання “Корюківська громада увійшла до переліку територій можливих бойових дій”

Roman Zhmenkovsky from Koryukivka became the best track and field athlete of Chernihiv Oblast among his peers

On January 16, in Kyiv, during the championship of the Chernihiv region in athletics, the best athletes were awarded according to the results of the previous year. Продовжити читання “Роман Жменьковський із Корюківки став кращим легкоатлетом Чернігівщини серед однолітків”

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