The Koryukivka community was included in the list of territories of possible hostilities

This is stated in order of the Ministry of Reintegration dated 12.20.2023 No. 363, which entered into force on January 25, 2024.

"As for the security situation, it remains the same as last year. After all, there is no safe place in Ukraine as long as there are so-called russia.
Regarding the impact on life. All services continue to work and provide communal, administrative, social and other services. There are small changes in the operations of some state-owned banks that are not very friendly to the state in terms of active (credit) operations, in particular for credit cards, loans to enterprises, etc.
For business, everything remains unchanged in terms of taxation," -  the mayor of Koryukivka, Ratan Akhmedov, reports. 

The Koryukivka community was previously included in the list of territories located in the zone of hostilities or under temporary occupation or encirclement, but was excluded by Order No. 217 of September 26, 2022 Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine.


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