The unity of Ukraine is the strength of the unity of the nation

106 years ago, on January 22, Ukrainians proclaimed the independence of their state and created the Ukrainian People's Republic, and exactly one year later the Act of Merging the UNR and the ZUNR took place.

These historical events became a deep conviction about the unity of the Ukrainian nation. Today, the courageous daughters and sons of our Motherland once again confirm these beliefs - heroically prove to the enemy and the whole world that a strong and united nation cannot be broken.

Today in Koryukivka, the history of the Day of Sobornosti was remembered. In the historical museum, you can recall and view portraits of figures who played an important role in the formation of Ukraine.

The museum presents things from those times. In particular, money and photos of local residents.

The community honoredthe memory of all those who gave their lives for Ukraine, choosing its right to independence and democracy.


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