A special border regime will operate in Chernihiv Oblast: what will change for residents of the border area?

People who live near the border or do business there must obtain special permits. And the owners of some plots of land will be prohibited from using them. Special border regime will operate in the 5-kilometer border zone of Chernihiv region.

This is reported by the  Koryukivka District Military Administration.

Among the main:

  • a special border regime is introduced;
  • people who live within 5 kilometers of the Russian and Belarusian borders must obtain a residence permit;
  • business representatives working in the 5-kilometer zone must obtain a permit from the border service to carry out business activities;
  • owners of land plots located in a 2-kilometer zone from the border are prohibited from using the land. Such territories will be strengthened and fortified.

(Source: Suspilne Chernihiv)


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