About the support of small and medium-sized border businesses: what are the terms of lending from PrivatBank

In the conditions of war, it is not easy for entrepreneurs whose production facilities are located in the territory of possible hostilities to get access to bank loans.

This issue was raised last week at the Council of Territorial Communities of the region by the head of the Koryukivka community, Ratan Akhmedov. 

Ways to get out of this situation were discussed in the regional military administration together with representatives of the Private Bank "PrivatBank".

According to the latter, according to the credit policy, the "color" of the zone is taken into account, that is, the possibility of hostilities (the bank defines it as a red zone where lending is not carried out). Don't forget about the company's financial indicators, which directly affect the granting of a loan.

In addition, applicants from small and medium-sized businesses can be considered individually through the credit committee, where all existing risks will be taken into account.

Also, PrivatBank is ready to consider lending in individual settlements of communities, identified by the Ministry of Reintegration as those where hostilities are possible. The safety component will be taken into account here.

By the way, the lowest interest rate on the market today remains under the state program "Affordable loans 5-7-9%". Almost all borrowers choose this program, thanks to which it is possible to replenish working capital and update fixed assets. It is also actively used by entrepreneurs of Chernihiv Oblast: since the beginning of the program, 2,422 credit agreements have been concluded for over UAH 8.4 billion.


Source: Department of Information Activities and Communications with the Public of the
Chernihiv Regional Military Administration

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