The history of the museum of antiquities in Naumivka

The border village of Naumivka of the Koryukivka community is located 30 kilometers from the border. Despite the fact that explosions are heard, people continue to live here. They even have a dream to revive the culture of the village.

The House of Folk Traditions and Leisure, which preserves several eras, operates in Naumivka. Employees of the institution say that the value of the created museum is not only in the exhibits, but also in the fact that they were collected during a full-scale war.

"The war is really scary, it's very scary, but in culture we were given the opportunity to introduce everything Ukrainian. We wiped out the entire USSR, all of russia. The main thing is that we are engaged in the revival of culture, this space where we are. Finally, there is no such thing as foreign to us - we do not need it. That lovage, a tub, a spinning wheel, Chernihiv embroidery, garlic by the door, bogun and dried nettles are all ours, because our people were not lazy and prepared a lot for the winter."

The museum has unique exhibits that are more than 200 years old.

The director of the institution, Maryna Redko, together with her colleagues, independently collected antiquities in order to preserve them for future generations. Visitors brought them a unique towel from the trash, and they carefully washed it — because it's history. An old silver-plated mirror, embroidered paintings, wooden icons - all this was collected by the museum staff on their own and they talk about every little thing with delight. The director says that the most difficult thing was not to bring these things here, but to find them in a village where the USSR killed everything Ukrainian.
Maryna Koval, cultural organizer of the museum, presented an ancient embroidered shirt, which she received from her mother-in-law.

"This is the embroidery of our Chernihiv Oblast. This must have been embroidered by my mother-in-law when she was young. They come from Tikhonovychi — it's nearby." - says the woman.

In the museum you can see a washing machine that was used in ancient times.
Near the museum, a house-decoration has been built, which is being prepared for theatrical performances for children. The employees of the museum dress up in the costumes of the clowns Knopka and Many and entertain the little ones. They are trying to give childhood to local kids. For the first time, these costumes were worn at the beginning of a full-scale war to entertain immigrant children from Kharkiv region and Chernihiv.

"I could leave: I have friends abroad who called. But something is holding on. And this "something" is our roots. Because my grandmother and great-grandmother are relatives, I lived and worked here. Probably, too. I think we are needed here", - says Marina Koval.

Maryna Redko adds:

"Our mission is to revive culture in the Naumivka House of Folk Traditions and Leisure. We have no history in the village! This story is lost and small, so unfortunate. At least with this small room to show that there is history".

Source: Ukrainian Radio Chernihiv, Suspilne News
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