New electric scooters for the Koryukivka community

Center for the provision of social services of the Koryukivka City Council received two electric scooters, which will facilitate the work of social workers who cover considerable distances so that residents of remote settlements of the community receive the necessary services.

In particular, now social workers will be able to get to the villages of Naumivka - Peredil faster and more comfortably, because the distance from Koryukivka is about 15 kilometers. And also to the villages of Okhramievichi - Lupasove, the distance from the center of the community is about 20 kilometers.

It is also important that the electric scooter does not pollute the environment, since no fuel is used for operation. It is equipped with a powerful engine and a high-capacity battery that will allow it to travel up to 70 kilometers.

The project was implemented in 183 territorial communities from 11 regions of Ukraine thanks to the cooperation of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, the United Nations Development Program and the Japanese government, which, in particular, financed the purchase and delivery of scooters.


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