The soldier from Koryukivka was awarded the award of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Valentyn "Radio" comes from Koryukivka. Recently, for his courage and successful performance of tasks during the battle, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleksandr Syrskyi, awarded him the Golden Cross.

Valentyn is an anti-tanker of the fire support company of the 58th separate motorized infantry brigade named after Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky. Now, together with his comrades, he meets the armored vehicles of the invaders in the last hundreds of meters in front of the positions and challenges the Russian armored "predators".

"At first I ran out to shoot, and then I shot directly from the collapsed building. There was no fear, only excitement, the desire to do everything properly. Because the infantry are behind us, we must not let the enemy's armor get to them. Interaction, coherence, confidence in each other is the secret of our successful work", - think Valentyn "Radio", who received his nickname for constant jokes, comments on events and psychological support of his brothers.

The warrior supports the boys not only psychologically. In one of the duels with an enemy tank, the legs of a machine gunner, who was covering our Defenders, were cut off. Valentin provided first aid and took his comrades out of the battle to a safe place. And the other day he himself received a slight wound in the shoulder, now his jokes are remembered by medics from the stabilization point of the brigade. After the necessary treatment, the warrior will return to battle.

We congratulate our countryman with an honorable award!

 Thank you! We are proud!


(according to the information of the Chernihiv regional territorial center of recruitment and social support

photo: 58 separate motorized infantry brigade named after Hetman Ivan Vyhovskyi)

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